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Bring the University of Oxford’s historic musical instruments to life. Play an Amati violin by moving your arm in a bowing motion. Blow into the microphone to sound the Beale Trumpet, once belonging to the trumpeter to Oliver Cromwell. Play the iconic Bressan Recorder from 1720, and pluck the strings of an 19th century guitar, which are made of silver-wound cat-gut.

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Opening Hours


The Collection is normally open from 2pm until 5pm on weekdays only


A Short Guide to the Bate Collection
The Bate Collection souvenir gallery guide is on sale in our online store at £5.99 plus postage and packaging.

Bate guide

Online Shop

We sell a variety of books, CD's and technical diagrams featuring instruments in the collection in our online store: https://www.oxforduniversitystores.co.uk/product-catalogue/music-faculty...

The Bate Collection Loans Procedure

As part of this we run an annual recording competition for undergraduate students: the Bate Recording Prize.

Joe Currie Recording Prize Winner

“..it really is a wonderful resource and I have enjoyed working in there very, very much.”

Joseph Currie – Bate Recording Prize winner 2013, currently studying MSt in Music