The Bate runs hands-on education workshops for school groups, tertiary, further education groups, home education groups, and special interest groups. It also runs free special education projects for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and on Pupil Premium, as well as group visits, family handling sessions and tours for life-long-learners.

All group visits must be booked in advance.


Bate Collection Education Programme

  • Workshops for GCSE and A-level music students on Music through the Ages (a historical overview of instruments, and the social and musical development of the orchestra from the Renaissance to the present day), or Keyboards through the Ages (playing and exploring the sound and context of keyboards from virginals to the 19th-century square piano)
  • Javanese Gamelan workshops tailored to KS3-5
  • Tudor Music sessions for KS2
  • These sessions are delivered in the heart of the museum and give children an opportunity to play musical instruments from a range of historical periods and cultural traditions, and develop their musical skills and awareness of musical cultures.
  • PGCE teacher training and other training programmes.


For more information about our education programme, please contact Isabelle Carre: