Isabelle Carré - Bate Education

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Isabelle leads workshops on historical musical instruments and on Javanese gamelan at the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments.

After graduating in music from University of York in 1984, Isabelle Carré studied flute with Pierre-Yves Artaud in Paris. Working as a flute player mostly in contemporary music, she regularly collaborates with composers and has given many first performances, both as a soloist and a member of groups such as Ensemble Exposé and Critical Band. In addition to modern (concert, piccolo, alto and bass) flutes, she plays early flutes from the Renaissance to early 19th century, as well as those from several non-Western traditions including Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indonesian.

Isabelle plays Javanese gamelan, and as a founder member of Southbank Gamelan Players (Ensemble in Residence at Southbank Centre) and Hammer & Bronze she has been instrumental in a number of commissions and collaborative projects with composers and other artists.