Past Events

Below are selected events from the past year.

Gallery Rectial

Tuesday 26th November, 2019

Philip Hayes Piano Concerto in F major, 1st Movement

Turlough O' Carolan Three Pieces, arranged by Arne Richards and Mike Bardsley for two keyboards

Armande-Louis Couperin - Selected movements from his 1st and 2nd Quatuors

Sakura - a Japanese folk song, arranged by Arne Richards

Arne Richards (Fortepiano) and Mike Bardsley (Harpsichord) performed music for two keyboards on instruments in the Bate Collection. Their programme was inspired by links to the University of Oxford, as well as significant keyboard developments.

Philip Hayes was Oxford University's Heather Professor of Music from 1777-1797, succeeding his father, William Hayes, in this role. This is paired with Armande-Louis Couperin married Elisabeth-Antoinette Blanchet, a professional musician and the daughter of the famous harpsichord maker François-Étienne Blanchet, and had access to the first fortepianos emerging from the Blanchet workshop.


International conference of Musical Instrument Collectors and Collections at the University of Oxford

Friday 23rd-Sunday 25th August, 2019

The Bate Collection of Musical Instruments and The Galpin Society hosted a 3-day conference in Oxford to explore themes in musical instrument collecting including: how instruments are collected, displayed and conserved; who collects them, how and why; the relationships between makers, musicians, collectors, curators, dealers and scholars, as well as current research taking place in musical instrument collections in and outside museums around the world.
The event featured presentations by scholars with specialist knowledge of musical instruments, as well as historians of music, biographers of instrument collectors and their networks, and those working in archives and museums.


Theremin and Ondes Martenot Workshop by Lydia Kavina

Saturday 11th May 2019, 11am-8:30pm

Public demonstrations 6pm, public concert 7pm

Sunday 12th May 2019, 10am-4pm

Led by Lydia Kavina and Charlie Draper.

The weekend programme consisted of workshops for both beginners and advanced players, a presentation for a general audience, an ensemble session, and improvisations on the instruments. Charlie Draper presented an introduction to the Ondes Martenot. Lydia and Charlie gave a recital of both instruments, with piano accompaniment, in the Denis Arnold Hall.

For more information on either instrument, visit Lydia and Charlie's websites below.

Charlie Ondes Martenot

Lydia Kavina website 

Charlie Draper website


Seminar Series 2019

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