George Hudson

George Hudson (c 1615 - 1672/3)

Hudson was a composer and musician. He is named among ‘able masters for voyce or viol' in John Playford's A Musicall Banquet (1651). In 1656 he composed some of the music for William Davenant's The First Dayes Entertainment at Rutland House and his Siege of Rhodes.

Either George or Richard Hudson (c.1617-1668) -probably his brother, a court violinist-was the Mr Hudson who made music with Samuel Pepys in January 1660.

In midsummer that year George was appointed to two posts as composer for and practice of (i.e. rehearser of) the violins at £200 and £42 15s (shilling). 10d (pence). respectively. He shared direction of the group with Matthew Locke.

Anthony Wood remarked that Hudson was 'excellent at the lyra-viol and hath improved it by his excellent inventions'. A consort featuring the instrument and twenty-three solos are extant, together with more than fifty light dances in two and three parts arranged as suites.