Gallery Recital

Philip Hayes Piano Concerto in F major, 1st Movement

Turlough O' Carolan Three Pieces, arranged by Arne Richards and Mike Bardsley for two keyboards

Armande-Louis Couperin - Selected movements from his 1st and 2nd Quatuors

Sakura - a Japanese folk song, arranged by Arne Richards

Arne Richards (Fortepiano) and Mike Bardsley (Harpsichord) performed music for two keyboards on instruments in the Bate Collection. Their programme was inspired by links to the University of Oxford, as well as significant keyboard developments.

Philip Hayes was Oxford University's Heather Professor of Music from 1777-1797, succeeding his father, William Hayes, in this role. This is paired with Armande-Louis Couperin married Elisabeth-Antoinette Blanchet, a professional musician and the daughter of the famous harpsichord maker François-Étienne Blanchet, and had access to the first fortepianos emerging from the Blanchet workshop.