We are always pleased to host visits from student groups.  Our flexible approach means that we can tailor the tours to suit your needs.

Examples of recent visiting groups:

Oxford SAE:

The Bate Collection is a museum within the Faculty of Music building situated in the prestigious Oxford University. The museum is open to the public; but we were lucky enough to have a private guided tour of the collection!

We were welcomed in by curator Andy Lamb and firstly he explained all about the collection, its founder Philip Bate, why the collection is there and then he questioned our thoughts and opinions on the topic. Andy then took us through the entire collection of instruments from baroque recorders to Handel's actual harpsichord! He explained how the instruments were developed, how they have changed over the years, why they have changed and then answered every single question we had about the instruments in the collection.

After an interesting tour around the collection; and after demonstrations on the harpsichords, we were allowed to view the museum on our own so that we could look at the instruments that interested us most. 

Overall, it was a brilliant visit and I thoroughly enjoyed it and because Andy is such a passionate curator it made it all the more interesting to listen to.

By RA Degree Student Marc Rose