Postcards and photographs


A postcard published by the Bate Collection showing a treble recorder by Bressan & Harris (London c.1720), a one-key flute by Bizey (Paris, c.1730) and one by Schuchart (London, c.1740), a six-key flute by Potter sen. (London, 1782), and a one-key flute in F by Bernard (Lyons, c.1760). These instruments are still in the Bate Collection today, numbers x9, x106, x11, 1028 and 1008.

Baines brought together photos of musical instruments in other museum collections around the world, as well as photos of musicians playing them.

Also in box 19 can be found a selection of photos from the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford showing instruments and musicians from Uganda and Cameroon, as well as photos from the Conservatoire National de Musique in Paris, the Horniman Museum in London, and this photo from the Malta Government Tourist Board, featuring the Maltese musician Tony Cachia playing the zaqq in 1973.