Cutting - flutes

scan008  19 fl

Baines collected information on musical instruments from a range of sources, supplementing information from books and journals with his own research. The Anthony Baines Archive contains many photocopies, photographs, and cut-outs from magazines, newspapers, and other publications, as well as Baines’s own notes on these subjects.

This image is Plate 5 from L.-E. Bergeron’s Manuel du Tourneur (2nd edn., 1816). From top to bottom it shows a four-keyed flute (the type with an upper C key and a metal tuning slide to the head), a one-keyed flute, a piccolo, and a French flageolet. The tools shown include the long reamers for flute and flageolet, a tapered cutter for opening up the holes (with gauge below; the undercutting tool is shown on a different page), and a clamp to assist turning tougher woods like ebony on the reamer.