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Theremin and Ondes Martenot Workshop by Lydia Kavina

Theremin and Ondes Martenot Weekend

Saturday 11 May (11AM-8:30PM; public demonstration 6PM, public concert 7PM) 

Sunday 12 May (10AM-4PM)

led by Lydia Kavina and Charlie Draper.

The weekend program consists of beginners and advanced workshops of theremin, presentation for general audience, an ensemble session and improvisations. Charlie Draper will present an introduction to the Ondes Martenot. There will be also a recital of both instruments with piano accompaniment at Denis Arnold Hall on 11 May. Lydia and Charlie would also be available for individual theremin lessons.

(Booking in advance (1 day £30, two days £50, demonstration and concert free with retiring collection)

For more information and registration, contact

Lydia Kavina website 

Charlie Draper website