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New Acquisition


A collection of violin-making tools from the Chanot Family

The Bate Collection has recently acquired a comprehensive set of violin, viola and 'cello-making tools formerly from the Chanot family of violin makers.  The Chanot-Chardon were a family of French and English violin makers, tracing their origins to Joseph Chanot (c1790).  Originally working in Paris, an English branch of the family established a London workshop in about 1883.

The collection of tools include planes, reamers, shapers, jigs, plans and templates.  The templates feature designs of many instruments by the great Cremonese makers.

There are over 700 items in the accession, so cataloguing and listing will be a lengthy process.  However, the first tranche of items have now been recorded.  These comprise a collection of paper and card templates of violins, violas and 'cellos.  

Checklists can be found here