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Javanese Gamelan

The gamelan is an Indonesian orchestra of bronze gongs and other metallophones. Learn to play a traditional Javanese piece while exploring the use of cyclic patterns and pentatonic scales. Discover the cultural context of the music, the influence of gamelan on composers, and how to employ gamelan techniques and structures in group composition. 

Essential information
Key stage: 3, 4, 5 (can be adapted to other groups)
Duration: 2 hours
Available: Mondays or Tuesdays (please enquire about other availability)
Maximum group size: 20
Venue: Bate Collection, Faculty of Music, St Aldates, Oxford
Cost: £120
This workshop can be combined with the Music Through The Ages workshop. 
Combined workshop cost:  £200

Bursaries are available for schools with pupils eligible for Pupil Premium or Ever 6 FSM.

For all bookings: email